Our Perfect Team

Michael Knaus

Master Tuner – Director

“Born a car enthusiast’s son in Germany I discovered my passion for cars and technology very early in my life. From being a hobby motorist, building combustion engine powered RC cars to customizing engines on motorcycles on to modifying my own cars my passion grew stronger and stronger. By the end of the first decade of the new century I was fortunate to be at the forefront of the German/European tuning industry creating long lasting ties with renowned tuners and engineers likewise. In 2015 project’A came to life and soon, following my Asian roots, my dear friend Joshua Lim and I partnered up to open our project’A headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

Joshua Lim

Managing Director

“Had my first Volkswagen and Michael was my tuner. For a couple of years, we built some exciting projects together and decided to start our very own tuning house. I manage the day-in-day-out operations of Project’A and its group of companies, as well as our dealers network and branches both locally and abroad. Born a geek, technology enthusiast, and also a passion for cars. University of Nottingham graduate with an honorary degree in Computer Science and Business Management.”

highway Choo

Technical Engineer

“I’ve worked in many sectors within the automotive line. Such as automotive courses technical instructor, automotive loss adjuster, automotive tools and equipment sales reps. And also a amateur footballer as hobby.”

Ehsan Tahmaseb

Digital Marketing Director

“I’m the resident digital marketing guy! With a colourful background in digital marketing and branding, I hope to take the global Project’A brand to new heights!”

Daniel Volpatti

USA Director – Florida

“Born a car enthusiast with petrol in my family roots, I have been modifying everything I could get my hands on from a very young age. I love martial arts and am a second degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do which influenced me with discipline from an early age. Late 2018, after months of research for a tuning solution for my Mercedes Benz, I came upon Project’A and was absolutely blown away by their products and company standards. I felt as if I had found a hidden gem hidden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that had to be introduced to the United States. Early 2019 we initiated the United States Division of Project’A. Introducing Project’A to the US market has been an incredible journey that has only just begun.”

Amer Bawji

Lebanon Director

“I’m an information technology specialist and i’m very passionate when it comes to cars. ‘No pain, no gain’ this is one of the best saying and I really saw the journey and the achievements of Project’A within the past years and that inspired me to work with them as our goals and objectives are aligned. So I decided to combine both my passion and skills to provide the best custom tuning solutions in Lebanon.”

sam Lin

Taiwan Branch Partner

“I am Sam Lin from Taiwan, 是Project’A 在台灣的夥伴,在三年前因緣際會下在台灣加入了Project’A 的團隊,在這段期間我也隨著Project’A 共同學習、成長⋯ 這三年多的時光裡我們為很多車主創造了美好的回憶,當然也為自己帶來很豐富的改裝人生,也培育了很多在台灣的夥伴!Project’A 有別於一般的ECU tuning品牌,它是一個願意嘗試不怕麻煩又勇於負責的品牌,很重要的一點就是他的溝通方式是非常便利而且直接的!當然沒有一個品牌是十全十美, 在我合作三年多的時間以來最主要的當然是合作之間的默契⋯以及遇上問題的時候是否有相當的配合度以及協調度共同完成遇到的問題!這才是一個品牌的價值⋯很高興能夠加入這個品牌的團隊也希望有更多世界各地的夥伴共同加入!👍

Morgan Sim

Johor Bahru Branch Partner, Malaysia

“My Stage 4 Audi TT was Tuned by Project’A two years ago. I’m a property investor and marketing planner. Also a Diploma graduate on Automotive Mechanical. I have alot of passion in car upgrades and modifications. Finally i got the chance to get to know Project’A and learnt the ways of becoming a tuner. It has been a pleasure to get join this big family and has become a big part of my daily life”

Parakorn Sakulratanasak

Bangkok Branch Partner, Thailand

Shane Yu

Hong Kong Branch Partner

Terry Chen

Canada Branch Parner

“Since a child, I have realized that cars were much, much bigger than machines. At heart, I am a car lover and not much different than our clients. Having been working in the car industry for over a decade, I learned how to treat our clients right, each and every time they visit. We perform above and beyond what a client expects of us just like their vehicles deserve. We are Project’A Canada!”

James Xu

Canada Branch Partner

“I’ve loved cars at a very young age. My childhood was filled with toy cars and watching Formula One on the weekends. My passion for cars never went away and has let me to where I am today. Fulfilling the childhood dream of working in the auto industry along side with beautiful cars day in and out. I’m proud to say, fuel runs in my blood.”

Evans K.

Australia Branch Partner

“It all started at very young age, being the offspring of a motor mechanic, cars, engines and driving fast were my first love. What started as a hobby with modifying my own cars, it quickly turned into my way of life. BLK Motorsport was born in 2012 and I attribute this to my unicorn, a 2008 MINI Cooper JCW. The incredible ecstasy I got from driving this car on the road and on the race track was infectious, and before you know it, I had other enthusiasts reaching out wanting the same experience. In 2017, the collaboration between BLK Motorsport and Project’A began, we have been reading, calibrating and writing tuning files since.”