Moving from Bukit Jalil to this new premise at Kg. Sungai Penchala is something the whole team has been looking forward to since April 2018, and it is finally taking place in a couple of weeks! For those who are not sure where is Sungai Penchala, we are located directly opposite Ikea Damansara.

This is a collaboration between Project’A and Le’Zen Motorsport. The idea is to have a one-stop environment for car owners to service, repair, modify, upgrade and beautify their ride. We also have a fancy Western-Asian fusion restaurant and bar right inside the same premise! I foresee many happy hours for the team with our friends and customers after work. šŸ˜‰

Here are some work-in-progress photos taken some months back. More photos of the completed site will be posted in “Part 2”.

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Owning a Volkswagen Passat B7 1.8T myself, the B8 really is something else. It looks sportier, and more appealing to younger age group owners. What’s interesting is that it has the same drive train as the Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTi, featuring the robust EA888.3 and the DQ250 6 speed wet clutch DSG transmission.

This Passat B8 is fitted with SuperCircuit ExhaustĀ Stainless Steel Catless Downpipe andĀ Wagner TuningĀ Competition Intercooler makes 300 whp 477 Nm (approx. 345 bhp 550 Nm) on our Stage 2 Software.

If you own a Passat B8 2.0 TSI and want to experience 300 hp, we got you covered!

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I’ve always liked the Audi TT, ever since Need For Speed Underground 2. It has been a joy working with this Nardo Grey Audi TT MK3 8S featuring the robust 2.0L EA888.3 engine. We rebuilt the engine with slightly lowered compression aftermarket forged pistons and replaced the factory IS20 turbocharger with CTS Turbo BOSS kit, which is actually a customised made-to-fit Garrett GTX2867R.

Big turbo setups like these will require additional cooling. Hence a WagnerTuning Competition intercooler is put in place to allow more charged air volume and reducing the overall charged air temperature. On top of that, KATECOOL engine oil cooler is also used to reduce the overall oil temperature.

Results shown on the dyno is 428 wheel hp and close to 500Nm. That’s 200 wheel horse power more compared to stock!


We’ve been doing quite a lot of development on the BMW S55 engines lately, especially on the BMW M4. It is already an impressive car in stock condition, however to some, stock is never enough. This particular M4 that we worked on just came out from the dealership for only a couple of days, and had went straight for a cat-less down-pipe then to us for the engine performance upgrade. We strapped the car on a dynojet dynanometer and got right to work.

At 1.7 bar of boost pressure, we managed an explosive 510 wheel-horsepower and 740Nm of torque! That’s approximately 600 brake horse-power! 160+ bhp gained compared to stock!

We also did a P-Gear (a device for measuring sprint timings) test on a Taiwanese Stage 2 M4 that we tuned recently, and the result was an impressive 7.66 seconds for 100-200km/h sprint!