BMW F82 M4

Categories: BMW, M4

We’ve been doing quite a lot of development on the BMW S55 engines lately, especially on the BMW M4. It is already an impressive car in stock condition, however to some, stock is never enough. This particular M4 that we worked on just came out from the dealership for only a couple of days, and had went straight for a cat-less down-pipe then to us for the engine performance upgrade. We strapped the car on a dynojet dynanometer and got right to work.

At 1.7 bar of boost pressure, we managed an explosive 510 wheel-horsepower and 740Nm of torque! That’s approximately 600 brake horse-power! 160+ bhp gained compared to stock!

We also did a P-Gear (a device for measuring sprint timings) test on a Taiwanese Stage 2 M4 that we tuned recently, and the result was an impressive 7.66 seconds for 100-200km/h sprint!