Development on F30 LCI with B48 Engines

Categories: BMW F30

Recent experiences made with BMW’s latest B48 engine have shown us that the torque we unleashed onto the OEM pistons would present too much physical stress for the versions of the B48 installed in BMW’s 330e, making the pistons prone to failure.

In order to resolve this problem we decided to focus on the B48s with higher compression (320i and 330e) with the aim to run at significantly less boost and a more efficient fuel trim not touching ignition timing and knock sensor sensitivity.

We are very pleased with the result on this 320i’s Stage 2 at 1.5 bar of boost. The torque delivery is more linear, exhaust temperatures have reduced significantly and top end horsepower has even increased. 

Paired with our latest development on the ZF 8HP transmission, this car is now running better than ever before.

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