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At project’A, we provide professional ECU tuning services for European automobiles, specialising in makes like BMW, Mercedes, VAG Group, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more. Our team of in-house experts and multinational engineers with over a decade of experience in the industry ensures top level quality file development, as well as full flexibility for custom projects. All our software is road and dynamo-meter proven as well as extensively tested and analyzed on each project vehicle we work on. Our mission is to make your vehicle a more pleasurable ride without compromise. Our team is always at your service for individual consultation. Your driving pleasure is what we strive for.


Modern engines feature complex systems to achieve the highest possible levels of operating efficiency. An Engine Control Unit (ECU) is utilized to control and supervise every process involved in the engine’s operation. The ECU’s microchip is programmed with a map clearly determining how the engine shall operate.

Manufacturers design their maps to ensure their engines run at their indicated performance levels across the globe, regardless of climate, altitude and most fuel quality levels. 

Extensive research and development on the road and on dynamometres throughout the last decade guarantee augmented performance and/or optimized fuel efficiency without endangering the engine.

BMW F82 M4


  • Programmers from Germany , Netherlands, Sweden, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore with over 10 years experience in automotive software development and chiptuning;
  • Custom high quality, professional and Dyno-tested tuning files;
  • Tuning files with the best possible performance results;
  • High customer service level and dedicated technical support team
  • Compliant with most tuning tools in the market: CMD, Alientech, MMS, AutoTuner, Dimsport etc
  • Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, Vmax, DTC and DPF programming;
  • Most of our tuning files are Dynostar and Dynojet Dynanometer tested in our facilities;

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